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Bird Life


Mallard                 Several pairs; have bred.
Eurasian Sparrowhawk    Occasional visitor, particularly Autumn/Winter period.
Common Kestrel          Regular visitor,Breeds, mainly Summer months.
Common Buzzard          Two pairs breed on the site, up to 5 young birds seen in Autumn.
Wood Pigeon             Several pairs breeds regularly.
Tawny Owl               Resident; 1 pair has bred.
Green Woodpecker        Regular visitor; breeds in surrounding woodland.
Great Spotted Woodpecker  Regular vistor, breeds in surrounding woodland.
Wren                    5 or more pairs resident & breeding.
Hedge Accentor          At least 4 pairs resident & breeding.
Robin                   Probably up to 6 pairs breed.
Blackbird               Up to 5 pairs breeding.
Goldcrest               Low numbers 1 or 2 pairs only.
Long Tailed Tit         At least 2 pairs breed annually.
Eurasian Nuthatch       Up to 4 males heard calling regularly.
Coal Tit                Several pairs breeds regularly.
Blue Tit                At least 12 pairs . Winter feeding flocks
                          of up to 60 birds.
Great Tit               Several pairs in nest boxes, regular in Winter.
Eurasian Treecreeper    1 or 2 pairs breeds annually.
Eurasian Jay            At least 2 pairs breed annually, family parties of up to 6
Eurasian Jackdaw        Breeds in surrounding woodland.
Chaffinch               Resident; several pairs breed.
Greenfinch              Occasional visitor; not regularly seen.
Goldfinch               Autumn visitor, up to 6 birds.
Bullfinch               Secretive, but up to 2 pairs. breeds regularly.


Common Cuckoo           Summer migrant; irregular visitor during the breeding season..

Common Swift            Summer migrant; regularly seen catching insects over the site,
                         during the summer months.
Barn Swallow            Summer migrant; breeds at adjacent farms.
House Martin            Summer migrant; less frequent than formerly, regularly seen 
                         before Autumn migration.
Common Whitethroat      Occasional on the site.
Blackcap                2 pairs have bred.
Chiffchaff              now 2 to 4 pairs breed
Willow Warbler          Up to 2 pairs breed annually, also passage migrant in both
                         Spring and Autumn.
Spotted Flycatcher      Passage migrant in Autumn.

Spring and Autumn. Spotted Flycatcher Passage migrant in Autumn.